john-tuOur Chief Consultant

John Tu, Licensed California Immigration Consultant

Title: COO/Chief Consultant

Mr. Tu Served as Supervisory of Adjustment of Status, U.S. Immigration Service Officer,U.S. Immigration Inspector, Immigration Investigator, Liaison Officer for legalization,Director of Chinese Student Protection Program, Immigration Foreign Student Officer,
Supervisory Naturalization Officer, Inspector and ambassador of Consulate General ofUnited States Guangzhou, China。
With extensive working experience in US Government, Mr Tu developed into a “Immigration Expert” in Los Angeles Area. Since the incorporation of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service of Department of Justine with U.S. Customs in 2003 ,Mr. Tu has also strengthened his experience in trading, logistics,economics, finance, and business management etc.

PMC does not provide legal services. We will refer an attorney to you or you can choose your own attorney. Mr Tu is a licensed immigration consultant not an attorney.